Shio no Michi (Chikuni Kaido) GPS logs

Wikipedia 'Shio no Michi'
  1. Minami-otari to Kita-otari (1 day)
    Hike from Minami-otari station to Kita-otari station. You can see mixed landscape of Japanese traditional life and forests. gpx tcx
  2. Kita-otari to Oami (1 day)
    Hike from Kita-otari station to Oami. Oami is far from a station. You need car support. Bit boring hike. gpx tcx
  3. Oami to Nioudou (1 day)
    Nioudou is 30min from Nechi station. This is more natural than others. Beautifil Japanese beech forest is here. Shio no Michi Siryokan Museum on this way is worth visiting. gpx tcx
  4. Nioudou to Sea of Japan (1 day)
    Hike starts from small hills and walk along farm villages and finally to sea. gpx tcx
I like course.1 the best, and next 3 > 4 > 2.